A Attar

If I could give this business 100 stars I would. The service provided was exceptional. There’s noone in this line of work that could provide the same service.
I made an appointment and went to see them the following day. Iqbal uncle and his son went through all designs, styles and colour schemes with me. They showed me templates on paper so I knew exactly what I was paying for. They printed off more than 3 templates and made sure I was 100% happy and satisfied before processing the order. I was not rushed and they spent roughly two hours with me and would’ve spent more time if needed.
Once the order was processed and I was told the headstone would be done by Ramadhan or mid Ramadhan as they had too many jobs before me. I requested if they could complete the job as soon as possible. Three weeks later I went to the cemetery to find the grave stone had been done and fitted on my mothers grave. I couldn’t believe it. All in all 3 weeks it was all done. This service is by far the best I have recieved and I can only thank them and make dua for them. May Allah reward Iqbal uncle and his family in this life and the hereafter and grant them every success and happiness. Aameen 💚
If anyones looking for a gravestone and its quality your looking for then make sure you have Iqbal uncle on speed dial you won’t regret it. They provide only the best.